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This one teaches us that sometimes, the best things are those we thought we'd left behind. But as the truth unfolds, they only grow fonder of one another. Although Astaire and Rogers made ten movies together, Top Hat is the most playfully romantic of the bunch and, of course, features the flawless dancing the duo is known for. We all know that timing is everything in relationships and this lovable rom-com proves it.

Adam Justin Long feels some kind of way when he finds out his ex Allison Colbie Smulders has invited him to her wedding. As he makes his way home for the big day, he has to work through his lingering feelings, while playing along with all the happy guests. Falling in love is hard enough without short-term memory loss, but that's exactly the struggle this sweet Sandler flick centers around. Watching Henry Adam Sandler attempt to form a normal relationship with Lucy Drew Barrymore in spite of her memory loss is adorably zany. Filmed in Oahu, this flick also scores romance points for its stunning scenery.

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Some of the technology this late '90s flick centers around might be a tad dated, but its message still rings true. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have starred in three films together, but You've Got Mail is our favorite for the way it showcases their infectious onscreen chemistry. It's true: sometimes kids really do know best. It takes the youthful insight of year-old Marcus a young Nicholas Hoult to show Will Freeman Hugh Grant what love and relationships are all about.

This is a rom-com about growing up — for grownups. The overbearing Margaret Sandra Bullock insists that her employee Andrew Ryan Reynolds marry her so she can avoid deportation to Canada, which seems awkward enough.

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But as they head to Alaska to meet his family, both start to realize they may actually be attracted to one another. Come for the gorgeous Alaskan property , stay for B etty White 's turn as Andrew's lovable, albeit raunchy, grandma.

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When Harry Met Sally Breakfast at Tiffany's My Best Friend's Wedding Sleepless in Seattle Funny Face Bridget Jones's Diary Pretty Woman Clueless Love, Actually Home Again Sixteen Candles Four Weddings and a Funeral The Big Sick Bringing Up Baby Sure, it's the kind of action movie that isn't really about Christmas despite being set during the holiday season. Tim Burton's second chance at a Batman film has all of the trimmings of his similarly gothy Christmas tale, The Nightmare Before Christmas —only this one is violent, dangerous, and sexy we dare you to name a more memorable mistletoe moment on screen.

Netflix Amazon. Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart play Jamie and Chris, old high school friends wrapped up in a similar plot: Chris is in love with Jamie, and Jamie just wants to be friends. Christmas gets the mumblecore treatment with Joe Swanberg's indie feature, which sees the flighty young Jenny Anna Kendrick descending upon her brother and his wife's idyllic, grown-up life and creating a fissure in their tight-knit domestic bliss. Nancy Meyers is the Queen of Cozy, and this Christmas-set romantic comedy might be her most warm and snuggly film yet.

Two women—one in London Kate Winslet , one in Los Angeles Cameron Diaz —face simultaneous romantic disappointments, which leads to them swapping apartments over the holidays and, in turn, finding new men to swoon over. Richard Curtis's star-studded ensemble romantic comedy is probably equally beloved and reviled. Even if you're a hater, you can't deny the multi-narrative film's influence on holiday-centered comedies over the last decade—and it's as cheesy of a Christmas movie as you can get on the big screen.

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HBO Amazon. Arnold Schwartzenegger plays a busy man who has continuously let his young son down, and promises, this Christmas, that he will get him the Turbo-Man action figure, the most coveted toy of the holiday season. Vudu Amazon. Jessica Riggs discovers a hurt reindeer in the woods. She soon discovers that this reindeer might be, indeed, a magical reindeer. This sound terribly saccharine, but this film also touches on some class and familial grief issues.

This Steve Martin movie is an underrated Christmas flick clearly unappreciated in its time. Matthew Broderick plays a dad whose entire ordered world turns into disarray with the arrival of his kooky neighbor, Danny DeVito.

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And that list is leaving some reasonable star power out. But what starts as a tense family comedy about kicking Sarah Jessica Parker out of the family takes a serious turn for a heartfelt twist by the end. Whit Stillman's debut feature follows a tony crowd of Upper East Siders infiltrated by a young man from the opposite side of the park as they banter and schmooze over the holiday debutante season in late-'80s Manhattan.

Doing its best to sully everything good about Christmas, this notorious slasher film—which, due to its subject matter, was pulled from American theaters—concerns a psycho who goes on a murder spree while wearing a Santa suit. This post-World War II movie is about veterans who need shelter and find it in a beautiful Manhattan home — while its owner is wintering in the South. The film actually touches on some very real themes of homelessness in the veteran population and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Writing, Original Story.

Johnny Depp's pale, leather-suited, scissor-handed Edward stands out amidst the colorful suburban Christmastime landscape of Tim Burton's fantasy, although his story is one that ultimately proves perfectly in tune with the season's spirit of open-hearted inclusiveness. In a very specific Christmas fear formed for some children: that Santa would fall off their roof and to his death.

Way to make a lovely holiday into a complete nightmare, mids filmmakers.

When Tim Allen inadvertently causes Santa to die on his property, he has to assume the role of the next Santa Claus. In , Jim Carrey put on a big green Grinch suit to bring the famous cartoon to life. John Cho and Kal Penn's stoner buddies find themselves at odds after the latter destroys their Christmas tree, leading to an all-night adventure of holiday madness in the best of the duo's big-screen outings. Ho-ho-ho, he's got a machine gun—Bruce Willis's John McClane, that is, while battling terrorists in John McTiernan's peerless one-against-many action classic.

After Sandra Bullock saves a man pushed in front of an L train on Christmas Day, she finds herself in quite a predicament.

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Soon after she befriends his family who welcomes her with open arms. Writer-director Shane Black sets virtually all of his films around Christmas see also: Lethal Weapon and Iron Man 3 , although none embrace the season quite as heartily as the filmmaker's neo-noir comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. The director Danny Boyle brought the cult novel by Irvine Welsh to the screen as a visceral experience, chasing the relentlessly energetic narrative like the drug addicts at its center chase a high.

Ewan McGregor found a star-making role in the protagonist, Renton, a Scottish miscreant who insists he chooses the dangers of addiction over a life of suburban prescription; Robert Carlyle is the supporting standout as the scariest member of his crew. Riffing on the Saturday afternoon serials that thrilled them as children, director Spielberg and producer George Lucas packed a full series of heroes, villains, cliffhangers and fisticuffs into a single crowd-pleasing feature. This unsettling, unforgettable snapshot of urban decay and toxic masculinity from Martin Scorsese hauntingly captured the rotting core of post-Watergate American society when it was released in , and it has remained nestled in our collective unconscious ever since.

Robert De Niro crafted one of his most indelible performances as Travis Bickle, the haunted Vietnam vet who drives New York City at a night like a coiled snake ready to strike. The British comedy troupe Monty Python created its funniest, wildest and cult-friendliest feature-length comedy with this send-up of the legend of King Arthur — and of medieval literature in general, and of big-screen epics.

Graham Chapman is the ostensible lead as Arthur, leading his Knights of the Round Table on a quest for the Grail, but the plot is merely a clothesline on which to hang blackout sketches and self-aware gags, and there are many. His scenes are occasionally stressful, often heart-wrenching, and they unfailingly burst with life and emotion. Laura Linney is passive-aggressive perfection as his mother, while Jeff Daniels, as the father, masterfully captures a specific type of sneeringly dissatisfied Brooklyn intellectual.

The fashion designer turned filmmaker Tom Ford made his feature directorial debut with this moving, melancholy and, unsurprisingly, aesthetically stunning adaptation of the novel by Christopher Isherwood. A Puritan family, banished to the woods of New England by its community, encounters a frightening force of true evil in this potent mixture of art-house drama and supernatural thriller from the writer and director Robert Eggers. Resisting jump-scares and cheap thrills in favor of slow burns and discomforting dread, Eggers builds his story to a climax that seems both terrifying and inevitable.

He writes the kind of tasty, self-aware dialogue that actors love to devour, and he puts together an enviable ensemble cast of big names, fallen stars and rising talents to deliver it.

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Brie Larson won an Oscar for her powerful leading performance in this moving adaptation of the novel by Emma Donoghue, in which a woman held for years in captivity tries to escape from her kidnapper with the help of her young son. Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti shine as two New York creative types whose attempts to start a family — by adoption, by fertilization, by whatever it takes — test the mettle of their relationships and sanity. The wise script by the director Tamara Jenkins is not only funny and truthful but also sharply tuned to their specific world: Few films have better captured the very public nature of marital trouble in New York, when every meltdown is interrupted by passers-by and looky-loos.

George Clooney was nominated for Academy Awards for both directing and co-writing this compelling dramatization of the battles between the senator and demagogue Joseph McCarthy and the newscaster Edward R. Murrow played with quiet force by David Strathairn, also an Oscar nominee.

Clooney shoots the story in crisp, striking black and white, invoking the live television dramas of the period and capturing something of their spontaneity and urgency. A year-old Georgian woman shocks her family, and her entire community, when she decides to move out of the cramped family apartment — leaving her husband, children and parents behind in order to finally begin a life of her own.

The Iranian director Asghar Farhadi won a richly deserved Academy Award for best foreign film for this story of a man, his wife, their child and the family they disastrously intersect with. In dramatizing the moral, social and legal fallout of a domestic episode that was either a misunderstanding or an assault, Farhadi displays his gift for telling stories that hinge on the tiniest events.