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What are the most significant challenges you face as a teacher in higher education today?

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A very professionally written and detailed book, with a good coverage of theory within teaching and learning, relevant practical recommendations and small cases included. A good book for anyone beginning their PGCE course. All relevant information is present and backed up with theory. This book draws upon decades of research and teaching experience within a HE setting, examining the principle issues facing the academic professional.

Practical teaching strategies are discussed and evaluated with a refreshing lack of bias towards current trends. This is a must read for all trainee teachers within HE.

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This book has been used for supporting the knowledge requirements for the Diploma in Education and Teaching. Used by teachers for course development and learners for their research elements. This book is in constant use by the tutors and learners alike for research and teaching resource. Essential book to have in library of resources.

While the essential character and approach of this book have been retained, this new edition has been substantially updated with references to recent research, literature and teaching practices. When the book was first published, the millennium had just happened. Now, after almost a decade, we have seen startling changes in the use of technology in higher education and the increasing globalization of learning and teaching.

Having been situated in both London and Chicago during this time, the authors were also conscious of the international tensions differentiating the study and practice of learning and teaching — particularly between the UK and the US. This new edition consciously draws upon the diverse body of international literature and describes key areas of agreement.

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: The Reflective Professional

Chapter One. Skip to main content. Download flyer Recommend to Library. They will also tell you that doing this well is their primary source of satisfaction, and, occasionally, of joy.

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCLTHE)

Reflective Teaching in Higher Education will help all of those people: to confirm their commitment; to achieve that satisfaction more regularly; and even to light upon those moments of joy. It will prove very effective for all who choose to use it. The authors bring together the writings and reflections of some of the world's most outstanding scholars and the result is a resource book which explores every aspect of learning and teaching through a wide range of lenses.

It is a book which could truly expedite our endeavours to provide a higher education learning experience that is fit for purpose in the 21st century.

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Most of all it is a book which takes us on a journey of reflection of our own attitudes, approaches and values as teachers in higher education. The authors skilfully guide readers in an inquiry process that integrates reflection on personal beliefs, research evidence and multiple dimensions of teaching practice to transform both learning and teaching experiences in higher education.

This one stands out — with a distinctive style, largely, it seems, due to the rather unique writing process which has had a team of experts working collaboratively through the chapters, some initiating and others building on this. It comes together as a carefully crafted whole that has a fresh take on a field that is now quite well established. It is comprehensive and up-to-date and has a very contemporary feel in terms of the contexts and concerns in which it places itself.

PDF Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: The Reflective Profess…

The use of quotes and case studies will draw the reader in, offering connections to people who face the real challenges of the contemporary university lecturer who has to work to meet the needs of a diverse group of students, often with limited training and resources. Although the book is rooted in very practical concerns, it takes its readership as a serious intellectual audience, and allows access to a field that recognises the complexity of what lecturers face.

Drawing on scholarly knowledge and experiences from a broad range of relevant issues, this timely book it supports and challenges both experienced and new teachers. It is a significant contribution to reflective teaching, as an individual as well as collective endeavour. Theory and practice are effectively linked in this compendium of information from education research on how to enhance the teaching and learning educational process through active reflection for the benefit of students and teachers alike.

Excellent selection of topics; I especially appreciate the sections addressing identity, emotions, and relationships, topics which deeply affect the classroom but which are not always addressed in teaching textbooks. The exercises are helpful and provocative.

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